Meet Our Founders

Begin Within Ministries exists to inspire others towards a deeper connection with Spirit while creating a life they love, through the intentional, innovative, and collaborative efforts of Rev. Jeannie Soverns and Michelle Davis, RScP(soon to be Rev.) and based in Religious Science principles.

Our Sunday services are called Sofa Sundays, as we are not your mama's church and do things our own way. We are a dynamic, fun, and interactive duo, encouraging conversations, questions, and seeking the mystery of the Divine. We are unfiltered, vulnerable, and real. We love and support each other and others in our Spiritual Church Club. We welcome all faith traditions.

Try something new and join us on the Sofa every Sunday at 11:11 AZ time. Live streaming on the Sofa Sundays Facebook Group, Instagram page, and Begin Within Ministries' YouTube page,  or IN-PERSON at the Unleash Your Life Studio.

Rev. Jeannie embraces Love, humor, and authenticity by engaging in the adventure of life. She has dipped her toes in many arenas such as spiritual life coaching, stand-up comedy, local theater, cake artistry, travel, writing and even skydiving (once!). With over 26 years of 12-step recovery that aligns with her spiritual growth journey.

Rev. Jeannie offers those who are in the 12-step recovery a sacred space by harmoniously embracing the principles of the 12 steps and Science of Mind philosophy. She believes in her mission to be a safe container for hugs, comfort, humor, and compassion to those ready to live their best life.

Our Mug Shot

As a business consultant, former life coach, spiritual life coach, mother of 4, entrepreneur, singer, writer, lover of family/friends and Life, Practitioner, Michelle Davis, brings everything she has to the ministry she co-created with Rev. Jeannie Soverns. 

She embraces the fact that everything she has been through and experienced brought her to the seat she now has on “the Sofa,” Therefore, she uses this platform to share authentically from within, allowing others to feel safe to do the same. Michelle lives in Arizona with 3 of her 4 children, significant other, and her dog, Handsome Jack.

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